Xmas 2012.

I’m so glad I had the chance to go home for Christmas. It’s been a rough couple of months getting used to living in a new city and starting a business here. I must admit, I think I was going a little crazy there for a while! But it was so nice to see my family and be reminded of all of the support I have back home. I feel re-energized and ready to start a new year. 😀

I’ve been booking wedding & engagement shoots left and right and I’m so excited about all of the photos I’ll be taking this year. I can’t wait to grow in my art, meet new people and discover Oregon.

2013. Here we go!


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  • A) these pics brought tears of great and special memories to my eyeballs.
    B) I love that your mom always hangs around with the Santa hat on around Christmas.
    C) did Chris like his name spelled in yarn?
    D) your dad wearing a red coke tee on Christmas Day is so festive & priceless.
    E) I’m totally stealing some of these for my project life album.
    F) you’re a bangin’ photog.
    G) I miss you.
    H) fern misses you.

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