Ashley & Justin’s Engagement Session in Newport, Oregon | Portland, Oregon Wedding Photography

ashley&justinbest-7Ashley & Justin’s Engagement session in Newport, Oregon is definitely in my top 3 engagement shoots so far. We started at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and then headed down the coast to Seal Rock State Park. I couldn’t believe what an amazingly gorgeous location it was. The sun was casting magical light onto the water and I could not stop taking photos! I’m still in awe of the coast every time I go. I’m used to the flat east coast beaches, not the cliffs and giant rocks and seals everywhere! I love it so much. I also can’t help but mention the fact that Chris and I saw a full double rainbow on the ocean the next morning during sunrise. Unforgettable.

Ashley & Justin are so cute together and I couldn’t be more excited to shoot their wedding next year. I’m also totally obsessed with Ashley’s hair color. So incredible!

There are some pretty epic fish photos from the aquarium so be sure to check them out! & Don’t miss the rest of the Holga images at the bottom of the post. Thanks for stopping by!



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